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Coming to Lubbock

As we came across the south plains of Texas I instantly  realized that we had come to a place like no other.  Although the land is very flat and rather sparse there is an underlying beauty  here. 

Growing up in the Los Angeles area I had only dreamed of a place where friends were neighbors, and folks cared for one another as family.  This was brought to mind the first week we lived here, more than 20 years ago.  My husband Terry had already been sent to a rural job in Oklahoma and I was left with our 2 year-old to finish the move.  Late one evening  I ran to the store to get some milk.  When I was ready to leave, the car would not start.  Being 8 months pregnant I could not even open the hood of the car.  I knew no one here except for my husband’s boss, who was also out of town.  The idea of what to do had not even had a chance to set in, when a man and his wife, hearing my motor turn over and over asked me if they could help. 

Had I been in L.A., I probably would have been somewhat afraid, but the kind gentle manner of the man calmed my fears.  He and his wife gave us a ride home, but then he went and got his son to fix my car.  He knew that with my husband out of town I would need the car.

I have thought many times of this night and of the quote, “Lucky me I live in Lubbock.”  I have also tried hard to be the same kind of friend to others, and go the extra mile.  You see, for me Lubbock is more than just a town in West Texas.  It is the place my children and I will always call home.

– Ella