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Financing a home – some helpful info

This section of lubbockhomes.info contains a number of interactive forms and calculators to help you make intelligent decisions about just how much home you can afford and the steps you need to go through to get financing for your purchase. A number of documents in this area help to explain mortgage lending terminology and answer common questions about the process. Following links in this section, you can even apply for financing online. These resources are provided by arrangement with Mortgage Partners - Security State Bank.

Contents of the financial section

  • Calculators – The tools in this section permit you to answer for yourself a number of questions like "How much house can I afford?" and "How big will my payment be if ...?"
  • Credit – This section contains a number of documents explaining such things as credit ratings and scores, credit reporting and things you can do to to improve or repair your credit.
  • Insurance – A major investment such as a home is something that cries out for insurance. In this part of lubbockhomes.info, we explain things from 12 ways to save on homeowners insurance to fine points of title insurance.
  • FHA / VA Loans – Predictably, these two sections deal with these special federal loan programs. Topics range from who qualifies and what are the benefits to nearest VA office locations.

Other helpful documents and tools may be found in the financing section. All of these resources are provided here to move your quest for the dream home a more obtainable objective.