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About Lubbock Homes

Nearly two decades in the Lubbock real estate business have taught us that the best way to help people realize their dreams is to give them good, reliable and complete information – without a lot of unnecessary fluff. When questions arise, we endeavor to provide honest, direct answers in a timely manner.

Our purpose in building the lubbockhomes.info Web site is to provide people the information they need to make informed decisions about homes, real estate, and mortgage financing in the Lubbock area. We want to provide a complete set of essential tools for people looking to buy a home in Lubbock.

With that goal in mind, we have provided a nice Web interface so that you can search all the MLS listings in the Lubbock area yourself. You can save your searches, bookmark properties you like, and send e-mail expressing your interest – all from our Web site. If you have questions about home financing, such as how much of a loan can you afford, we have tools to help you answer those questions yourself. Oour friends at Mortgage Partners - Security State Bank have provided a fine set of tools to help answer those questions.

And then we want to provide you the means to contact us when you have further questions or just want to put a face on Lubbock Homes. We'd like to help you unlock your dreams.

– Ella Glover
Lubbock Homes